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IconBenefits for Corporate Users  

How corporate users can train employees more efficiently using Course Toolkit:

Course Toolkit training software offers a streamlined learning interface to employees, helping business users to deliver training more easily and to track studying progress in real-time:

Easy to Setup and Manage

Using Course Toolkit is easy, and users can create courses within minutes. Use the WYSIGYG content editor and upload related files, or import existing text in HTML format. The LMS software interface requires no extensive training and full setup and on-going support is available.

Track Student Progress

Discover employee's studying progress in real-time with Course Toolkit analytics, and download report files. Create online assessments to gauge the retention of information to help you to improve your training content.

Collaborative Learning

Course Toolkit's interactive features enables employees to engage with peers when studying, building on the content that you provide. Furthermore, employees can use the messaging system to contact the training provider with enquiries at any time.

Cost-Effective Training

Course Toolkit allows businesses to provide training on a low budget, and helps save on training material distribution costs and assessment fees.

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