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IconBenefits for Educational Institutions  

How universities, colleges and schools can manage courses and classes using Course Toolkit:

Educational institutions such as universities and colleges can make the most of eLearning using Course Toolkit. With a suite of course and student management tools, tutors can monitor the progress of students as they read course content and take tests.

Centralized Student Management

Keep track of students taking your courses through the Student Management interface. Invite new students via email, allow access to select modules or entire courses via a single student account.

Monitor Student Progress

Course Toolkit analytics and reporting tools enable tutors to track student progress as they study a course. Review the content read by a student, test answers and results to find out where additional student mentoring or content improvement is required.

Promote Independent Learning

Studying using Course Toolkit is easy - the intuitive interface helps students to navigate through content in their own time and to re-take tests as needed. Create glossary definitions to display alongside course content to re-inforce the subject of your training.

Increase Engagement

Independent learning doesn't mean a student should be managed at a distance, which is why Course Toolkit's training software includes a built-in messaging system and optional course forums to encourage peer-to-peer discussions and tutor communications. Using HTML5, Course Toolkit enables students to login from virtually any device - on a computer, tablet or smart phone*, helping them to study conveniently and more often (* some types of media content, such as videos, may have additional browser requirements).

Complete Assessment Management

Measure student learning with online tests - create unlimited test questions and choose from a range of question types, including standard text answers and multiple choice questions. Tutors can grade tests and release test results, along with feedback, online, or set question answers and allow students to take tests and receive results automatically.

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