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How Course Toolkit can help you to manage commercial courses more effectively:

When it comes to delivering course content to customers who have purchased a course from your organization, Course Toolkit makes it easy to impress students with an intuitive online learning environment whilst retaining full control over the management of your course:

Create Professional Content, Easily

Course Toolkit’s built-in content creation tools enable training organizations to develop professional training materials for delivery to students online. With an easy-to-use interface, you can begin creating material in just minutes, without the need for extensive LMS training. Course structure components such as modules, sections and sub-sections can be employed to make it both easier for you to manage content and easier for students to navigate.

Customization and Co-Branding

The Course Toolkit training interface can be customized to reflect your corporate brand. Choose a company logo to appear in the course content header and provide students with a custom login page. Additionally, you can customize interface text and add advanced CSS styles as required.

Faster Turnarounds with eLearning

By eliminating postage times, Course Toolkit’s eLearning solution allows you to reduce the time it takes for students to receive course materials and to return examination submissions. The integrated messaging system allow to you keep student correspondence in one location, making it easier to respond to customer enquiries.

Marketing Tools

Course Toolkit allows organizations to promote training services and courses with an inclusive course listing in our online course directory. Add in-depth course information, including descriptions, a course syllabus and prospectus, and invite prospective students to email you with training enquiries using an online contact form.


Alongside your listing in the course directory, you can provide visitors with the convenience of an instant payment option via PayPal. Course Toolkit takes no fees from each payment, and you control who, once paid, can access your course, inviting users by email to enrol.

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