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IconFeatures: Automatic Test Marking  

Take the strain out of test marking with Course Toolkit's automatic grade assignment.

Marking tests can be time consuming. That's why Course Toolkit offers two options for test marking:

  • Tutor Marking

    Once submitted by a student, test answers are marked by a tutor.

  • Automated Marking

    Test answers are graded according to a set of allowed answers, and released to the student automatically.

About Automated Marking

When creating a test, you can set one or more answers for one or more questions in a test and leave others to mark manually. Students then take your test and upon completion, Course Toolkit marks those answers with questions, allowing the tutor to grade any remaining questions.

For example, you might create a multiple choice question:

Q. What is the capital of France?
a) London
b) Paris
c) Berlin

The tutor sets 'Paris' as an allowed answer and if the student selects the appropriate option, it will be marked as correct.

Open Answer Marking

Tutors can also enable automated marking for questions where the student is required to type an answer instead of selecting one. Allowed answers can be set and whenever Course Toolkit's marking system finds an allowed answer, a mark will be awarded. Let's take another example:

Q. Name two types of fruit.

In the allowed answer settings, you would list multiple types of fruit. If the marking system detects any two of these in the student's answer, two marks will be awarded for the question.

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