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Find answers to frequently asked questions about Course Toolkit below or email us if you have further queries:

What is Course Toolkit?

Course Toolkit is a free web-based Learning Management System that enables trainers and teachers to deliver their course material to students online. Trainers create courses using our set of content creation tools and then authorize whichever students they want to be able to access the course. Students create a Course Toolkit account and are able to access the content in their course, from documents to audio, videos to downloadable resources.

Using Course Toolkit’s test creation tool, trainers can generate quizzes and tests containing full-length-answer questions, multiple-choice questions or a combination of both. Students can then take their tests online and submit them to the trainer to grade, or if the trainer has selected, Course Toolkit will grade the tests according selected answers.


Who is Course Toolkit designed to help?

The Course Toolkit service offers advantages to educators in almost every field:

For Course Administrators – by uploading your course to Course Toolkit, you can enable prospective students to find the course in our online course directory and to register for your course online. That means less paperwork, less time spent posting and waiting for course materials, and handy reports to monitor students’ progress.

For Teachers, Tutors & Lecturers – upload your class material to Course Toolkit share content with students instantly. Reduce the need for printed hand outs and make encourage studying by making resources conveniently accessible via a computer, tablet or internet-ready phone.


How much does Course Toolkit cost?

At present, Course Toolkit is free for all trainers.


How many courses can I create on Course Toolkit?

You can create as many courses as you want. All of your courses can then be managed through the Course Dashboard when you sign in to Course Toolkit.


What types of content can I include in my online course?

You can create modules containing sub-sections, and each section can contain:

  • Formatted text documents - editable with the online rich text editor. Create professional looking documents containing text, images, tables and more.
  • Audio Files – Upload audio recordings in MP3 format.
  • Videos – Enable students to stream lesson and presentational videos
  • Downloadable Files – documents PDF files, presentations, spreadsheets, etc.


I sell my courses already – how can Course Toolkit help?

Students do not have to purchase your course directly through our website – you can take and manage payments for your course and then authorize students to access the course through Course Toolkit. You and your customers can then enjoy the benefits of paperless training, lower delivery costs, progress tracking and the many other benefits of training through Course Toolkit.


Can I sell my courses through Course Toolkit?

Yes – you can enable users who find your course in our course directory to purchase your course online. If you have a PayPal account, you can add links from your course information to enable them to order the course through your PayPal account. If you manage payments through a 3rd party shopping cart, simply enter the purchasing URL in the Course Dashboard to redirect them to your payment system.


Can I offer free courses through Course Toolkit?

Absolutely. You can choose to make your course public and anyone will be able to create a Course Toolkit account and access the course.


How can I control who can access my courses?

If you choose to control access to your courses, you can authorize students by their email address. The student will then receive an email link to create their Course Toolkit account and will be able to access selected course content instantly. You can give individual students different levels of access – for example, you can authorize a paying student to access an entire course and offer a student who has purchased a particular section access to specific modules of your course.


More Questions?

Please contact us at with any queries you might have regarding the service or for support if you are an existing user.

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