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Run classes, events and video conferences with Course Toolkit LMS

Managing course classes and events can be challenging. Course Toolkit takes the frustration out of running your classes with easy-to-use event management tools:


Interactive Whiteboard

A picture can be worth a thousand words, so communicate your ideas visually using the interactive whiteboard!

Easily switch between drawing styles and colors and share whiteboard drawings with students. The whiteboard updates automatically as other users make contributions.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Bring your classes to life - stream your class live to students with Course Toolkit's integrated video conferencing option.

Simply click 'Start Broadcasting' on the event page to commence a video conference broadcast.


Conference Messaging

Enable students to post queries and comments as your web conference progresses without interruption, using the event's built-in messaging system.

Includes a live list of conference participants and profile information.

Additional Features:

Module Classes

Create Events and Classes

Add class dates and times to your course modules and provide students with details of class schedules and locations.

Training Events

Manage Offline Events

Create one-off course events for your students. Visible in the dashboard calendar, your users can discover details of your event.

Attendance Management

Track Student Attendance

Keep track of student attendance using the Attendance Manager - view attendance and record whether each student attended, arrived late to, or missed your classes and events.


Calendar Overview

Keep track of all dates relating to your courses via the Calendar. You'll always know the dates and details of events that you are running or attending. Includes day, week and month overviews and color coding.

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