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Creating great looking course material is easy with Course Toolkit LMS

Text Editor

Easily create content using the content type browser.

Course Toolkit LMS helps you to create professional, structured course content using a range of visual design tools.

Using web-based course management tools, you can create a new course or import existing SCORM content and HTML files.

Add unlimited pages to your course in the formats that fit your course, and make it easy for students to navigate your content by categorizing pages by module, adding sections and sub-sections. Plus, schedule course content by date for automatic publication.

What kind of content can I add to my course?

Rich Text Documents - add text, images, tables, links and text formatting with our WYSIWYG editor. Learn More  |  Sample

Audio and Video - embed external sound and video in your training with the streaming media player. Learn More  |  Sample

Interactive Tests - create online quizzes and tests with a range of question types, automatic marking and tutor submission options.

Downloads - add downloadable presentations, documents and files to your course that students can access as they need them. Sample

Image Slideshows - add image slideshows to your course with image annotations. Sample

Timelines - present dates in an interactive, scrollable timeline format. Learn More

Collaborative Wikis - allow students and tutors to collaboratively edit and build wikis.

SCORM Content - import existing training content from SCORM packages.

Events - share upcoming events with students and hold online classes. Learn more

Databases New - manage online databases and enable students to add and manage entries.

Have Existing Course Content?

If you have an existing course or course content that you want to serve through Course Toolkit, simply save it in as a SCORM SCO file or in HTML format and upload it using the upload tool. Course Toolkit will preserve your navigational structure based on content headings and automatically add each content section for you.

Customize Your Course With Widgets

Add course widgets to your course content to provide additional, timely information and features to students:

Survey Questions - invite feedback from students with quick polls, and view responses in real-time.

Forum Posts - encourage students to engage in your online community by displaying forum posts.

Glossary - create definitions in a course glossary then display them next to course content.

News Feeds - keep students up-to-date with course developments.

Events - remind students of course events, classes and web-based conferences.

RSS Feeds - import RSS feed content using an RSS widget.

You can also customize your course content further with HTML widgets, tutor contact boxes and course content QR codes.

Learn how Course Toolkit LMS can help you to deliver your e-learning content more effectively:

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