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Motivate Students with Automated Goals and Certificates

Motivating students to study can be challenging. With Course Toolkit, you can set study goals to keep users learning.

A goal can include the completion or minimum study percentage of one module in your course, or many modules. When a student fulfills the requirement that you have set for a goal, they can access a customized completion message and optional certificate.

Multiple Goals

Set Multiple Goals Per Course

Create multiple goals for each course, so when a student completes one goal they can remain motivated to continue their studies on another section of your course.

Goal Assessment

Flexible Goal Assessment

Set multiple conditions for the achievment of each goal, for example, when a student completes a percentage of a module or completes all modules within a course.

Completion Messages

Customized Completion Message

Add a custom message that can be viewed when a student completed a goal - add words of encouragement or guidance on next steps.


Generate Certificates On-Demand

Upload certificate templates in a range of file formats and generate downloadable awards on-demand, merged with your student's details.


Award Badges

Recognize students' accomplishments with customized badges. Award badges when a student completes a goal and display them automatically on the user's profile page.


Goal Notifications

Users receive notification of their goal completion once they have completed a goal's requirements and can view your completion message and certificate.

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