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Manage your students with Course Toolkit LMS

Easily manage course students with a range of user management tools. Precisely control which modules a student can access, track studying progress with charts and reports, and engage students with contact tools. Student management features include:


Student Manager Interface

Login to the Student Manager to add and remove users, revise access permissions and view studying progress at any time.


Course and Module Controls

Assign permissions per user - allow individual students to access only particular modules of a course, or entire courses.

Self Enrollment

Self Enrollment

Enable students to enroll with your institution using a self enrollment form or control course access by adding users individually.

User Reports

User Reporting

Track each student's progress as they study courses and take tests. Keep track of content viewed and tests taken.

Import Users

Import Students

Import groups of students easily from a spreadsheet using the CSV student import feature.


User Management API

Use the Course Toolkit API to add, modify and remove users using an existing application.

Sign In Pages

Customized Sign In & Registration

Create a branded student sign in page for your course and add custom registration form fields.

Mail Server Integration

Mail Server Integration

Link your SMTP mail server to Course Toolkit to allow mailbox holders to enroll with your institution.

Tutor-Student Messaging

Tutor-Student Messaging

Use user messaging to contact students - attach files and receive message notifications via email.


Multiple User Roles

Grant tutors and administrators access to edit course content, mark assessments and manage courses.

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