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Real-time reporting keeps you informed of student progress

As a tutor or course administrator, it is vital to have up-to-date information on users' studying progress. With a range of reporting tools, you can keep track of students taking your course and find out if students require additional tutoring or encouragement to complete their training:

Course Gradebooks

Course Gradebooks

Keep track of students' progress with course gradebooks, which provide an overview of content read, assessment scores and grades, and attendance.

Module Grade Viewer

Module Grade Viewer

View module-specific grades, individual test scores and content read percentages for each student in module gradebooks.

Viewing Statistics

Content Statistics

View content browsing activity for all of your courses, or focus on a specific course if you run multiple courses. Chart page views by hour, day, week, month or year.

Class Attendance

Class Attendance Rates

Save and keep track of students' attendance of events, classes and web conferences, and record late arrivals using the Attendance Manager.

Test Question Analysis

Test Question Analyzer

View breakdowns of student test answer marks by question. View individual question scores, test marks and grades by student.

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Course Toolkit LMS reports to you in real-time, avoiding report request delays. Narrow reports by date range to monitor course activity over time.

Survey Questions

Survey Responses

Ask students multiple choice survey questions and monitor collated responses using Course Toolkit survey widgets.

Downloadable Reports

One-Click Report Downloads

Generate reports instantly in Comma-Separated (CSV) and Tab-Separated file formats ready to use in spreadsheet applications.

Analytics Integration

Analytics Integration

Link an Analytics account to Course Toolkit and track your users' account activity, including page views for each course.

LRS Integration

Learning Record Store Integration

Existing Learning Record Store (LRS)? Automatically export students' content viewing data to your LRS using Tin Can API.

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