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Create online tests and quizzes to evaluate student progress

Course Toolkit LMS's test editor enables tutors to create customized tests for students to take and submit online. Choose from a range of question types, set automated marking options and create reusable assessment rubrics for standardized marking:

Test Question Editor

Online Test Editor

Add tests to course modules using the drag-and-drop question editor to enable students to take tests and quizzes online.

Create self-marking tests that give students their results instantly, or set tests to be submitted to you for manual marking.

Test Question Types

Multiple Question Types

Create a range of questions in your tests. Includes an in-built formula editor for mathematical questions:

  • One/multi-line answer

  • Multiple choice answer

  • Drag-and-drop order

  • Essay with HTML

  • Coursework file New!

  • True or false/yes or no

  • Fill in the gaps

  • Agreement scale

  • Offline tasks

Assessment rubrics

Assessment Rubrics

Mark questions individually or use Course Toolkit's rubric creation tool to produce standardized marking schemes that can be used across your course's tests.

Set points for individual criteria and customize dimension weighting for automatic grade calculation.

Test annotations and highlighting

Annotations, Highlighting & Feedback

Provide your students with better feedback using Course Toolkit's highlighting and annotation tools:

  • Highlight precise sections of a test answer and add comments.
  • Return a marks breakdown, question-specific feedback and general test comments to students with their test results.

Question Bank Import Tool

Question Banks New!

Rapidly create tests by importing questions from an existing question bank.

Build a library of regularly used questions for use across your tests and quizzes. Easily import one or more questions from a question bank, test or quiz into a new assessment.

Course Toolkit question banks also enable you to store the answers to individual questions ready for use in quizzes.

Automated Answer Marking

Grade tests manually or save time by enabling Course Toolkit to mark quizzes and tests automatically. Simply set question answers and let Course Toolkit LMS do the hard work for you, giving you more time to teach:

  • Create Multiple Answer Rules - Require that an answer matches one or multiple conditions before it earns marks.

  • Flexible Marking - Add or subtract marks depending on a student's answers.

  • Multiple Part Question Marking - Mark multiple part questions (e.g. fill-in-the-gap) automatically.

Assignment Analytics

Analyze student marks using the assigment gradebook:

  • Module Gradebook - Review students' grades for each assignment in a module using the module gradebook.

  • Question Mark Breakdown - View question marks achieved by each student for an individual assignment and discover areas for teaching improvement.

Additional Features:

  • Time Limits
    Restrict the time a student has to take a test with assessment time limits. Set test time limits with a live countdown on the test interface page.

  • Allow Multiple Attempts
    Give your students the opportunity to re-take tests. Allow unlimited test attempts or set a maximum attempt limit.

  • Question Randomization
    Shuffle the question order of a test for each student's attempt.

  • Grade Boundaries
    Add and modify your grade boundaries based on mark percentage.

  • Upload Coursework
    Enable students to attach coursework files and submit them with assignments.

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